Teen Mom OG: EP 1 Recap

So, Monday took us back to the shit show that is Teen Mom OG.

Starting with Maci, I have a genuine question/concern. Do her fans really believe she’s pretty? Because I felt sick most of the time watching her dead eyes on that alien looking face of hers. The scenes between her and her wannabe Jesus husband felt like nails down a chalk board. They would be as well letting Rhine and MackTruck film because a whole season of just them and their monotone voices and cameo friends may result in my untimely death. Fucking dementors the pair of them. Without her baby daddy drama its time for Space Raider and fake Jesus to go straight for the exit of this show and do us all a favour.

Ambun, firstly, gtfo with your “its nice to be a full time mummy” bullshit. It had been two days and it looked as though New Matt had pretty much everything under control. Cuddling and feeding a baby does not make you wonder woman. Give it a month and newbew will be screaming from his dirty, crib that’s about to cave in from all the dirty laundry piled into it. New Matt will be up against the wall by the throat while the coach potato screams she’s a gooooooood mommmmmmm.
I always enjoy the over medicated coach potato Ambun at the beginning of each season, the forced calmness always means a shit storm is on its way!
If I were Leah, I wouldn’t want to be my useless pos moms nanny either. Maybe Ambun should get her fat lazy ass off the coach and take bewbew out for the day, but that would require too much parenting from her.
Gary is still the huge greasy shit he’s always been. Kristina, you are a class of your own. The best thing to happen to bewbew and Ambun knows it.

Catelynn. What a fucking joke those scenes were. Firstly, Nova is clearly struggling a lot, I mean even the scene with the horse was tragic. And later on the phone that dirty scab eating sewer rat had the nerve to ‘joke’ about wanting another one, whilst happily telling them both she skipped out on her classes to take a nap and she’s going watch a movie later. Glad your vacation is treating you well, you fat slob. Even her response to Nova about how she “can’t stay on the phone forever” made me mad. No, you fucking can’t, but you could be in your own home with your child taking naps and watching movies, which is clearly all you’re fucking doing between scab eating and vegetating. Don’t @ me with ‘but do you even understand mental illness’ because yes, I do. I also understand being a mother so no sympathy here. Tylers mom can’t stand her and honestly if this was my son I would find it really hard to sit back and watch this again and again. I can’t stand Ty as a person either but at least he can put his fucking kid first and from what I see he is in need of way more help than Cate. The guy is completely brain dead from it all. And now she has only gone and TRAP BABY’d him. Because if he leaves, who the hell is going to keep things going whilst she goes on vacation? Looking forward to the inaccurate portrayal of anxiety, depression and postpartum depression Oscar award winning Catelynn has coming up in this season.
Holding out for a plot twist that this trap baby is actually some guys from her ‘rehab’ vacation facility and she can become someone elses problem for once. Hopefully when they inevitably break up Tylers head will start deflating a bit, its getting thicker and more squared by the season.

Bristol. I can’t believe I am writing this but I don’t hate her…yet. Yes, she’s pretentious, and the fact that she’s a Palin is a huge red flag but so far I gotta say, she hasn’t been unbearable. The scenes between her and Dakota are hard to watch. I don’t believe she’s insensitive or ignorant to his ptsd, I think she’s been verbally beaten down by him so many times that she knows she can’t help him no matter what she says or does. Unless he wants help and seeks out the proper treatment he’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.
Sarah Palin trying to come across as a cool mom is fucking pathetic but I gotta admit, watching that woman make a full off herself once again entertains my socks off.

Cheyenne. I have nothing to say except for the only one who wasn’t a teen mom, I find it really hard to wrap my head around the fact she is mentally any older than 15. How many goddamn people do you need at a baby gymnastics class? And did she really need her mom to tell her the baby was choking? The girl is going to be entertaining if nothing else and I’m sure Nathan and Keiffahs love child will keep things dramatic throughout!

Over all, what another boring episode, I’m assuming OG now stands for ‘Original Garbage’ now?

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The Family Feud Continues

Yesterday was one helluva crazy day for the Admin and Mod Squad at Teen Mom Mama Drama. Out of nowhere, Ashley Jones from Young and Pregnant reached out to the team about doing a “live” and addressing some issues between Shen and her, which she referred to as lies. We made a post announcing the live she would be doing momentarily, and she spent the next fifteen minutes or more defending herself and disrespecting group members that voiced their disdain over her being given a platform, and over some things we have all seen. The IG live, with her claiming Domestic Violence, was brought up several times. She didn’t answer the questions. She merely tried to belittle the people that inquired. (She later took that IG down and edited that part out and reposted it).

During the period leading up to the live appearance, she also referred to her fiancé’s stepfather as a “fag” and a drunk, who has PTSD because he came from the war.

While appearing live, she addressed the period of time when she and Bar lived with Shen and Brian Williams in Las Vegas, Nevada, and also mentioned that she was then stripping in a very fancy club. She said this was a period of two weeks, with Shen trying to kick the out of the house every other week. 🤔

She stated that the video of the two young girls making a fuss over her highly publicized shit-stained panties was orchestrated by Shen and that those were not her panties. They were a size large, and before she had her daughter, she wore a size small from Victoria’s Secret. (Same, girl. 😂)

On a side note, she previously acknowledged that the panties did, in fact, belong to her, on the Y&P reunion show.

Her entire live appearance lasted 19 minutes and was evidently laced with half-truths and mistruths, as well as a lot of “like”s.

She took a moments pause to read some of the questions and comments from the roughly 300 people that were watching, and abruptly stopped the appearance with a “you know what”….exit stage left. She cannot claim she wasn’t warned…she was told that the comments would be unpleasant, in so many words.

A short time later, the team was approached by Shen with a request to appear live and address Ashley’s statements. She appeared, first with her husband Brian, to clear the air about accusations of domestic violence between Mr and Mrs Williams. They both spoke about the incident in question. They were extremely candid. It was 3 years ago, it was a one-time occurrence, Brian has been sober and in treatment ever since, and nobody “beat Brian’s ass”, as Ashley had claimed earlier.

The Williams’ divulged that Bar and Ashley lived with them for a period of approximately 3 months…not two weeks, as Ashley has claimed on numerous occasions. They opted to move to a “long term hotel” once they were a bit more stable, undoubtedly with an abundance of one dollar bills.

Shen informed us all that she has completely blocked Bar and Ashley from contacting her in any way, and she has accepted that she won’t have a relationship with Holly.

The links to both of the live appearances are below.

– Sue Long

Update on Bar’s Sister

Teen Mom Mama Drama can confirm that Bariki’s sister J Weeze was shot.

J Weez was apparently walking when gun shots were fired. She was wounded and taken to a local hospital. The police are still investigating the situation.

Seems like it’s been nothing but trouble lately for this Young and Pregnant family.


Bariki Smith Arrest Update-Sister Shot Yesterday!

The team here at Teen Mom Mama Drama would like to address a few things with regard to Shenandoah Williams’ son, Bariki Smith, and the arrest report that came out via Radar Online today, as well as a few other stories that will be disclosed in the very near future.

Bar does have a history with drugs. He was living in London at one point, and became so indebted to dealers there, that the family had to pull the money together to pay them off and get Bar back to the states under threats of death….they did slash his face.

Regarding the arrest that Radar has now reported on, Shen has mentioned that arrest in a past live. She was told, by Bar, that he had Molly (MDMA) in his possession. The arrest record says something very different.

We’re also pretty sure that it will also be disclosed soon, that Shen’s daughter was shot twice last night in Oakland. She is ok.

Shen will be doing a live today in Teen Mom Mama Drama to address this report and all of the latest happenings in her family.

The team here at TMMD have developed a friendship with Shen, and most of us like her very much. We are aware that this is a hater page, but we hate the OGs and 2s because they have given us more than enough reason to. Shen has not. She has been honest and forthcoming with all of us, and she shows receipts! We are not required to hate, and we’re not here to try to convince anybody.

Stay tuned for more updates and lives on Teen Mom Mama Drama Unfiltered.



Teen Mom 2 Recap! Big Booties and Big Excuses

So we learned ……


Lethargic Leah was not here for botched booty Briana. There was more shade in that convo than Gary standing next to Leah. Leah wants no parts. She’s treating Briana like her baby daddies treat her, like a walking STD. Bri is like leftover potato salad left outside, deadly. You knew full well Kail wasn’t gonna go for your lopsided ass staying in the same suite with her kids. Ratchet Roxanne has to be involved in everything but telling her daughter the truth. Briana wants everybody next door. Heffa, own your own door first. Briana only gets saggy balls when her family is around. Bitch, Kail will drag all y’all 😂. All they do is talk shit and jump at people. Nothing but stable dick is afraid of the Dejesus women.


Jimmy Neutron and Dingleberry David are with the shit again. This bitch is always crying but never parenting. Those meth scabs on your face are for every lie you tell. We know full well Nathan and his lisp is just as violent as Dodo bird David. They want Babs to be bothered so bad. Jenelle is so damn stupid. She’s gonna let Dodo bird screw her life up. She loves to screw tho anyway she can, so it doesn’t matter. BABS GO OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. NICE FOR WHAT?!? Jenelle, we know you aren’t clean, let alone cleaning the house. You and your unemployed nut ass husband can slander everyone but you wanna cry now? Bitch, nobody is afraid of David but you and those kids. I want to slap Jenelle’s producer, you are so two-faced. Bitch, the only nightmares you have are you actually being a mother. You hate reunions because you have to be sober. Bitch you sweat drama. You and drama are kissing cousins. Dingleberry David stirs the pot and Jenelle falls into and boils her brain every time. Jenelle is literally on the same level as kaiser emotionally. David just proved to us what we already knew, drunk or sober he’s more douchy than Jenelle after a trip to the clinic.


I just put the tv on mute when Chelsea’s scenes come on. Chelsea if it wasn’t for Adam you wouldn’t have a storyline. It’s time for you & Mighty Mouse to get a show on the UP Channel. Let papa Randy just slander people during your scenes from now.


Push through LEAH. That’s all I gotta say. She’s not perfect but her and her Disney villain character fingers have come a long way. Don’t let Bri scare you. The only thing that’s hard is her ass. Leah don’t backtrack. That bitch is as messy as your house use to be. Briana knew Leah would say something. Don’t cry behind ole diaper booty. You said what you said.


As much as the hulk can be extra, I’m beginning to see how messy Javi and his allergic reaction to common sense ass lips are. Javier showed his whole ass this episode. Kail if you don’t like your arraignments go find your own hotel bih. You may look like Amy Schumer but you don’t have the clout. Have a seat and calm your tits. I do agree with her more so far this season. SO FAR… Briana isn’t gonna be upset about where her kids are because she never watches them. If it comes down to Briana or Kail, it’s Kail all day.

Throw the whole season so far into a condom and flush it.


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Reunion Finale Recap! Good Riddance OG

So we learned …….. JACK SHIT!


Rhine was sober so he wasn’t having any of this shit. Reality is he doesn’t want to be bothered with anybody including the trap baby. Toucan Sam holding his junkie peen hostage is his real trigger right now. Her beak and this show. Excuse that childish ass chin you have Toucan Sam we have your number now. Birdbrain needs Rhine to be high. I bet she was hiding an 8 ball for him in the folds of her chins. This pigeon hates mundane Maci so much. Feathers all ruffled. She gonna be left taking care of this trap baby, while Rhine airdrops his peen and shoots up. All for some tv time on a show that’s on its last leg. Life is a game of chess. Toucan Sam is treating hers like a scratch off. This relationship has less direction than Rhine on the freeway the day he wed Jen.


Mundane Maci talks like she’s drunk her body weight in Bud Light. Maci & Rhine we’re fine until that vulture Mackenzie swooped in and picked apart the little brain cells Rhine has left. Maci is just as flat & boring as her chest.


Kristina is talking about medical history meanwhile Gary needs a lap band, paging Dr. Now & his three calorie diet. Even thogh Gary is shaped like Octomom in her 3rd trimester, he’s speaking facts. So Kristina was letting Gary stick his tarter sauce soaked peen in her while she was married. Guess nobody is perfect. She’s still a better person than struggle bun. Stop apologizing to that Heffa. Everybody bends over backwards or cowers down to this musky broad. The only bending struggle bun does is bending over a mildewed mattress. She always looks like she bathes in Febreze and delusion.


Struggle bun pushed those tears out. That’s the most work she’s done all year. Struggle bun manipulated TF out of Dr. Drew and his collapsing neck. The only thing that Heffa is capable of is rolling over in bed. Sasquatch is just waiting on her account number. His moldy ass already has the routing number. He’s been plotting out of that lazy eye for months.


Tyler was high AF. Their relationship is more awkward than Sophia recording Farrah’s refinanced, thrift store, bedazzled vajayjay. It was an emotional year for Cate. She left the couch three times, took a bath twice, and left her baby crying in that car that was giving us hoarder vibes. Girl if you don’t STFU. Stop playing with mental illness. All the bleeding hearts save your tears. These two have been using mental illness as a storyline for damn near 10 years. It’s time for them to get real help. Get off the shit show or get the hell on. Cate looks like Stifler’s Mom just staler. Tyler looks like he’s gonna moonwalk right back into the closet.


What is butch up to? Taking selfies half naked and sending his wilted dick over social media.
If him and those horse ass dentures don’t sit TF down I know something. 👀👀👀


Concrete face Deb slurred her emotions . This heffa was dressed like she was auditioning for a hocus-pocus reboot. Drywall face Deb talks like her tongue has gone through a strainer. No more checks for you. You and malpractice David better get a new source of income.


Frito is hostile AF! She always acts like her vajayjay is itchy. Girl get some Monistat and chill. Farrah’s life is like one long STD. Frito’s life is gonna be like the three dollar DVD bin at Walmart. I will miss the way she talks through her teeth and ass. Her ostrich neck and fermented cheekbones. Her Ronald McDonald wig and her mole the size of Gary’s gut.

I’m so glad this show is over!! Thank you all for reading my shenanigans every week. I don’t hate any of these women. I look at them as characters in a movie I started watching by mistake. A movie I hate so I’m gonna complain about but finish 😂. I don’t mind talking about them. They exploit their kids, I’m just evening the scales. See you guys next Monday for the train wreck that is Teen Mom 2.


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OG Reunion Episode One Recap

So we learned nothing new from this reunion.


Maci looks like she injected her face with bud light. Looking like Annabelle’s stunt double. When Maci talks it feels like you’re at a job orientation. For a job you really don’t want. Looking like a chewed up number two pencil. The only thing that matters is all the child labor laws they have Bentley breaking.


Cate is shaped like a rubber mallet. Bitch is shaped like a bobblehead, except bobble heads move more. Weed is the least of Cate’s problems. Being lazy and not parenting is higher on the list. Dr. Drew, I know why your neck is stiff. It’s stiff from being up Cate’s mildewed ass.


Struggle bun couldn’t even leave her bed soaked with discharge and desperation. You were depressed over dusty back of the shelf peen. She didn’t even give her OITNB ass vajayjay a chance to rest before she let Sasquatch drop that stalker sperm in her. There’s NO excuse for her not to see her kid. This Bitch didn’t have cancer, enlist in the military or hell were even in prison. She was laid up under musty, junkie peen IN THE SAME TOWN. Andrew really looks like he steals from soup kitchens. Looking like a homeless hamburgler. That struggle bun is playing tug of war with her hairline and is winning. Bitch has had that same bun in all season. Her bun is hitting the shoulder lean. We see y’all in that low riding bed scrubbing the floor every week. There’s nothing more to learn from your hooked on phonic face ass. Looking like the old lady that lived in the shoe. Looking like she smells like the inside of a sweaty boot too. Throw this heffa out. She’s not even recyclable.


Toucan Sam’s hair is struggling more than Rhine’s button-up shirt. Hudson is saying what we are all feeling. WE DON’T CARE about that Quasimodo ass chin and that trap baby. Rhine was just making shit up on the spot. Like he did on the wedding day he remembered. His piss is dirtier than Cate’s bubble bath. Toucan Sam isn’t trying to give up this little bit of fame. Whining about that great value, food pantry ass wedding. Bitch, you are an extra to an extra. Humble that doorstop chin. That boomerang ass nose must be obstructing her vision. Helen Keller from the grave can see Rhine isn’t into her. He showed more affection to the prop couch. He’d rather be getting Tinder tail. There’s no way they can convince us, Rhine doesn’t score more than Bentley at a baseball game. The only counseling he does is with his peen after sex with bird brain. I don’t know who he hates more. Mundane Maci or this stubby chinned, chicken head he married.

I’m so ready for this shit to be over 😂😂😂😂. Like the whole series. I know a lot of you all are like me. You stumbled across this show years ago. You have at this point invested too much time into this shit show. Now we have to see this shit to the end. MTV needs to wrap it up. Something these heffas never do.


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